Powder Coating


Powder coating is one of the youngest and one of the most widely used finishes around. The powder coating process starts with a mixture of solvent free plastic resins, fillers and color pigments that melt together when placed in our heating ovens. The particles of powder are electro statically charged in our spray guns and pushed out with a little help of an air compressor. The electrostatic charge keeps the powder in place while the part is cured in an oven at approximately 400 degrees for 10 to 20 minutes. This heat melts and fuses the powder which finally creates a highly durable and beautiful finish that is free of runs, drips or sags.


Benefits of Powder Coating


Powder coating is an environmentally friendly process due to its lack of solvents that traditional wet paint systems carry. While environmental protection agency guidelines grow stricter powder coating is quickly growing to become the industry standard. Since our powder coating process is completely free of solvents Volatile Organic Compound emission problems are eliminated and it is nearly harmless to the environment.




Powder coating resists cracking and is resistant to peeling, abrasion, corrosion and chemicals. The finish of powder coating can match or exceed the characteristics of traditional solvent-based wet coatings. Powder coated finishes are non-porous, which makes cleaning a breeze as dirt and grime does not tend to stick. Can be cleaned with soapy water and neutral detergents such those used for automotive finishes. Due to extreme conditions and heavy use when a powder coated surface does chip it is not likely to peel back and extend the damage due to the strong bond the finish has created with the metal.




The posibilities and uses of powder coating are endless. Begining with adding a UV protectant layer to items that will be exposed to the sun. Applying a textured coating to provide grip on handles or steps. Visually enhancing the look of almost any metal object  and simply adding protection against corrosion, and chemicals.  The options and applications go as far as your mind does.




Expand your imagination with your personal custom products or expand your inventory of your small production line with a variety of colors and textures. We offer a variety of over 6500 colors including solids, casts, ceramics, metallics, and clear top coats. Our textures also come in a variety of basic wrinkle textures, veins, leatherettes. Whether you seek a flat black, reflective gold, candy purple, or wrinkle red, we can partner to choose the perfect powder for your custom application. Like we said the possibilities are endless.



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